Hari Vasudevan : In remembrance


Title Date
The Return of the Prodigal: The Lengthening Shadow of Russia in the Middle East
India's 'Look Far East': The Vladivostok Moment in Indo-Russian Relations
Food is a Necessity, So is Making it Available
The Chinese Model of Corona Containment Will Strike Suifenhe Town Next
India and the October Revolution
Norman Stone, a bad boy among British historians
Historian, wit and bad boy
Values in Russian Foreign Policy
Teaching of Social Sciences in Schools and Colleges in India
Fatal flaws of a tragic hero
On the Russian Revolution's Centenary, Will History Defeat Rhetoric?
Communism in India
More than just communism
Europe's Eastward Expansion
A fine sense of drama
Asiatic Orientations of Early Soviet Socialism
The Soviet Study of India 1917-1947
Broken promises and mutual distrust
Failed State in Europe
Free for all in the Maidan
Post Soviet Indo-Russian Relations
Writing History in Eurasia: The Soviet State and After
The Solitude of Afanasii Nikitin
Identity and Politics in Provincial Russia
Putin's Visit
A Soviet Icon for India
Wooing the West
Secure Fortress
Yeltsin Recovery
Fall from grace
Nyet Prime Minister
Health of a Nation
The Stars over the Steppe
Bear Hug
The Making of Stalinism
Rethinking New Political History
Shadows of Substance in the New World Order
Party Formation and the Russian Political System
Russia's Presidency
Explaining gulags as quirks of personality
Autocratic wolf in liberal clothing
Russia's centre is not holding for Yeltsin
India must rebuild its Russia house
Freedom to sell their nationhood
Proletarian vanguard as sons of soil
Fast moves by Russia's slow demagogue
Aspirin over the Lenin Mausoleum
Yeltsin's Parliament and Russia's Politics
Binding the Russian Superman
Social Welfare and Public Policy in Late Imperial Russia
Origins of the Russian Revolution of 1905
Peasant Land and Peasant Society in Late Imperial Russia
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